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Amy Kaufman

why candidates decline job offers

The Top Reasons Candidates Are Declining Your Job Offers (And How to Change That)

  Few experiences are more disappointing than having a top-choice job candidate decline your offer. But, too often, hiring managers’ expectations are out of sync with the job market. Candidates control the market, so they can afford to be selective. And if you’re not aware of how you measure up, you risk losing out. Our job is to help you assess your position and create realistic expectations about the candidates you’ll attract. We identify the best talent available within the parameters of your search, and we only recommend those we think are a fit. For instance, we won’t refer someone whose current salary is double what you’re offering. That’s a […]

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A Hiring Manager’s Guide to the Optimal Hiring Timeline

  If you speak with any active job candidate, they’ll tell you the hiring process is a drain. They don’t mind sitting for interviews, demonstrating their skills, or sharing their work. It’s the waiting that causes them grief. Often, it’s also the waiting that motivates them to pursue other opportunities. As a hiring manager, you know the process is lengthy – but believe it’s for good reason. You’re being meticulous. Unless you urgently need to fill a position, you’ll take your time to vet each applicant and find the perfect person. With some exceptional candidates in the market right now, you’re sometimes spoiled for choice. And you believe if you […]

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how to switch from accounting to finance

How Do I Make the Switch From Accounting to Finance?

  Accounting is a great profession, but it’s not for everyone. BVOH Finance & Accounting Search often hears from candidates who are burned out from public accounting and want to transition to finance. I understand where they’re coming from because I made the switch myself. I worked in public accounting for two years at the start of my career, but I found that the field wasn’t right for me. Fortunately, I had developed a strong relationship with one of my clients, who hired me onto their finance team. Because I knew the company’s financials well and was already familiar with my colleagues, the move was fairly seamless. I was also […]

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writing your resume tips

Writing Your Résumé? Here’s What to Cut and What to Keep

  You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that’s as true for résumés as it is for in-person meetings. When candidates submit their résumés to BVOH Finance & Accounting Search, we know within minutes whether we can help them. A well-organized, polished résumé distinguishes you from other candidates when reaching out to recruiters and potential employers. Here’s how to ensure yours stands out: 1. Make Sure Your Résumé Is Current And Accurate. The first thing we look for is where the candidate currently works. We want a brief, informative summary of which company they’re with, their title, and their responsibilities. That helps us determine whether the […]

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When Is It Ok to Quit Your Job Without Another Lined Up?

  American workers have become fickle. Whether it’s due to higher salary standards or a demand for greater work-life balance, people now quit their jobs at unprecedented rates. In 2013 alone, 2 million people per month voluntarily left their jobs. At BVOH, we’ve seen a steady rise in the number of candidates who want to leave their current positions, regardless of whether they have another job. The cultural climate encourages rapid movement from one position to another, as young workers seek jobs that provide financial stability and meaningful work. But leaving a job without a plan isn’t always a wise decision. It’s important to think through the professional and financial […]

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10 Tips for Successfully Onboarding New Employees

  Imagine it’s your first day at a new job. You show up early, butterflies in your stomach, adrenaline coursing through your veins. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, and you can’t wait to show your new boss what you’ve got. Only your boss isn’t there. She’s on a business trip that no one bothered to tell you about, and you’re not sure who is the next point of contact. When someone finally shows you to your desk, you spend all morning waiting for an IT person to set up your computer. By the time lunch rolls around, your enthusiasm’s deflated. You wonder whether this job was the […]

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The Asset Management Career Path Guide

  At some point in your accounting career, you’re going to reach a crossroads. You’ve gained some work experience either internally at a company or at a public accounting firm, and it’s time to choose where to focus your ambitions. If your interests lie with investments and private wealth, you may want to consider a career in asset management, which typically means getting on the CFO or COO track. Some people fall into asset management through happy accidents. Perhaps you landed a hedge fund job early in your career, or you started working with venture capital funds and became hooked. VC firms look especially attractive to accountants right now because […]

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The Best Time to Start Your Finance or Accounting Job Search This Year

  A few decades ago, choosing an employer was like choosing a spouse. You committed for life – or at least several years. Nowadays, people aren’t afraid to switch companies as they climb the career ladder, especially if they’re not getting what they want from their current roles. Millennials in particular see nothing wrong with leaving a job if they’re unsatisfied. But as the saying goes, timing is everything. Even if you’re ready to move on from your job, you need to strategize on when to make the transition. If you’re currently working for a company that pays bonuses, pay outs generally occur early in the year. You’ve earned that […]

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