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Tyler Hubbs


How To Turn Your Candidate Hiring Process Into An Irresistible Experience

  In a tight hiring market like the Bay Area, companies are looking for an edge wherever they can find it. A dynamic interview process is a great way to establish that advantage. The standard interview process looks something like this: Screen candidates through phone interviews. Invite the most promising ones in for an interview with the hiring manager and direct boss. Then invite the cream of the crop back for a final round of meetings. That approach is straightforward, but it’s also uninspiring. Interviewing is an art form, especially if you’re the person asking the questions. Rather than follow the old interview playbook, BVOH encourages clients to really give […]

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How Can Hiring Managers Successfully Hire Talent in a Competitive Space?

  As of March 2017, the national unemployment rate stood at 4.5 percent. This is great news for the country, but there’s even better news for finance and accounting professionals in the Bay Area – an unemployment rate of less than 2.5 percent. That puts talented candidates at an advantage. Not only are they highly coveted by a range of companies, but their current employers also go to great lengths to retain them. We’ve worked with several candidates who turned down interviews with top companies because they had too many great interviews on their plate. Between work responsibilities, interview prep, and scheduling demands, the best recruits can’t accommodate all the […]

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6 Essential Features of a High-Performing Career Page

6 Essential Features of A High­-Performing Career Page

  I’m always surprised when companies with a great work environment and a strong company culture have uninspiring and uninformative career pages.That’s often the first place jobseekers land when researching your organization. When was the last time you checked Google Analytics to see just how many people visit your careers page monthly? Business leaders know that the best candidates have their pick of job offers, and millennials value work-­life balance and a positive culture. That means in order to compete for the best hires, you need to sell them on your company. In this article, I’ll walk you through the elements of an excellent career page and how to implement them.   1. Photos of the […]

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How To Hire a Candidate in a Tight Market candidate tight market

How To Hire a Candidate in a Tight Market

  Top finance & accounting candidates are highly sought-­after and passive job seekers. These are MBAs and CPAs, and they’ve had strong career progression during the course of several years. When BVOH engages with candidates, we’re looking at the top 10 percent. Out of 15­20 relevant candidates, we typically select two to three with whom we’ll represent. These candidates aren’t job-­hoppers. They’re thoughtful about advancing their career and have work experience that shows constant progression at good companies. These candidates are constantly being recruited, but they won’t leave their position for a company they know little about and a position that doesn’t sound exciting. Beyond the initial job posting, you also want to bring your A-­game […]

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