high level career pivot

Considering a High-Level Career Pivot? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First

  You’re the Director of Finance at a prominent tech company, a position you’ve worked toward for years. Throughout the course of your career, you’ve strategically built your finance résumé and cultivated strong business relationships. But now your company’s executives have offered you the option to shift into a non-finance role, perhaps Chief of Staff or Director of Investor Relations. You’ve reached an inflection point in your career. Do you continue climbing the ladder in finance? Or do you pivot into a new area? First, let me congratulate you. The fact that you have this option proves you’ve achieved a high level of success. Your company recognizes that you can add […]

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I hate my job

I Hate My Job – Now What?

  “I hate my job.” If you’ve ever woken up first thing in the morning with a feeling of dread as you contemplate the workday, these words are probably familiar to you. It’s a strong statement, but when you fear you’ve fallen into the wrong job, sometimes it’s the only one that fits. There are plenty of reasons you might feel negatively about your current position. Perhaps you’re new to the organization and the job isn’t what you expected. Now you’re looking for an escape route to something more satisfying. Maybe you’ve been at this position too long and you crave a new challenge. Or maybe it’s not the job […]

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why candidates decline job offers

The Top Reasons Candidates Are Declining Your Job Offers (And How to Change That)

  Few experiences are more disappointing than having a top-choice job candidate decline your offer. But, too often, hiring managers’ expectations are out of sync with the job market. Candidates control the market, so they can afford to be selective. And if you’re not aware of how you measure up, you risk losing out. Our job is to help you assess your position and create realistic expectations about the candidates you’ll attract. We identify the best talent available within the parameters of your search, and we only recommend those we think are a fit. For instance, we won’t refer someone whose current salary is double what you’re offering. That’s a […]

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How to Build A Successful Finance Career in the World of Startups: An Interview with Jeff Shouger, Head of Finance & Accounting at Niantic, Inc.

  Jeff Shouger’s experience as a finance executive is extensive. He has served as Director of Finance at Proteolix, VP of Finance & Chief Accounting Officer at Zynga, and most recently, is leading all of Finance at Niantic, Inc. So, it’s no surprise that when I had the opportunity to interview him recently, his answers were full of valuable and actionable insights. During our conversation, Jeff discussed what it takes for a finance person to be successful at a startup, how to know if it’s the right time to change industries (he switched from biotech to gaming), and the best way to support visionary and entrepreneurial CEOs. This interview is […]

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A Hiring Manager’s Guide to the Optimal Hiring Timeline

  If you speak with any active job candidate, they’ll tell you the hiring process is a drain. They don’t mind sitting for interviews, demonstrating their skills, or sharing their work. It’s the waiting that causes them grief. Often, it’s also the waiting that motivates them to pursue other opportunities. As a hiring manager, you know the process is lengthy – but believe it’s for good reason. You’re being meticulous. Unless you urgently need to fill a position, you’ll take your time to vet each applicant and find the perfect person. With some exceptional candidates in the market right now, you’re sometimes spoiled for choice. And you believe if you […]

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why I stopped a job I loved

Why I Stopped Doing A Job I Loved

  When my co-founders and I started BVOH Finance & Accounting Search in 2004, we knew we’d be wearing multiple hats. We enjoyed the diversity of sharing the operational responsibilities of the firm while also focusing on what we loved – executing quality searches for our clients and candidates. For the first decade, this is how the company operated. We managed the company by committee, and while we slowly added staff to keep up with the business needs, most of our team members were experienced recruiters who brought deep expertise and relationships to the table. They didn’t require much training, and our small business was humming along because of the […]

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Latest News: BVOH Lands on Forbes 250 Best of Recruiting List

  BVOH is a boutique recruiting firm solely focused in the San Francisco Bay Area in finance and accounting. The Forbes list placement adds to a growing list of acknowledgment, recognition and awards for the company. SAN FRANCISCO, CA (PRWEB) JULY 19, 2017 Firms who receive the coveted spot on the Forbes list are determined by a survey of over twenty-one thousand recruiters, employees and HR personnel. Participants are asked to judge firms based on quality, communication and price-performance ratio. According to the American Staffing Association there are over 20,000 recruiting firms in the U.S. alone. Leslie Boudreaux, Sr. Managing Partner and one of BVOH’s founders says, “To be considered […]

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qualities of candidates that get job offers

3 Qualities of Candidates That Walk Away With the Job Offer

  When it comes to job hunting in the Bay Area, personality is everything. OK, maybe not everything. But it is important. We’re in a candidate’s market, but the competition here is steep. Employers receive applications from the best of the best, so they can afford to be selective. Hiring managers today evaluate candidates for both credentials and charisma. You can’t reshape your personality ahead of every interview, nor should you. Candidates and employers are happiest when they’re a genuine match. The last thing you want is to ace your interviews only to find yourself in a job you hate. However, you can showcase the key attributes hiring managers like […]

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tina todasco ebay

Successful Women In Finance: An Interview With Tina Todasco, Sr. Finance Director at eBay Marketplaces North America

  Is the corporate ladder a thing of the past? At what point should you decide your job isn’t a good fit, and start looking elsewhere? Is it really possible to balance your career and home life – and be successful at both? I recently sat down with Tina Todasco, Sr. Finance Director at eBay Marketplaces North America, to answer those pressing questions and much more. Before joining the team at eBay, Tina held progressively senior positions in finance within multiple divisions of Johnson & Johnson, after starting her career at General Electric as part of their Financial Management Program. In this knowledge-packed interview, Tina talks about why the honest–and […]

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should you apply for jobs you arent qualifed for

Should You Apply for Jobs You’re Not 100% Qualified For?

  If there’s one feeling every job seeker knows, it’s the rush of hope when you discover that your dream employer is hiring for your dream job. Unfortunately, that burst of excitement is often followed by another all-too-common feeling — a sense of despair when you realize you’re not qualified for the position. But the lengthy criteria you see on job descriptions are often wish-list items rather than must-haves. A company may say it wants someone with at least five years of experience, a CPA license, and a list of technical certifications. But the hiring manager won’t dismiss a great candidate just because he or she has three years’ experience […]

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