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should you apply for jobs you arent qualifed for

Should You Apply for Jobs You’re Not 100% Qualified For?

  If there’s one feeling every job seeker knows, it’s the rush of hope when you discover that your dream employer is hiring for your dream job. Unfortunately, that burst of excitement is often followed by another all-too-common feeling — a sense of despair when you realize you’re not qualified for the position. But the lengthy criteria you see on job descriptions are often wish-list items rather than must-haves. A company may say it wants someone with at least five years of experience, a CPA license, and a list of technical certifications. But the hiring manager won’t dismiss a great candidate just because he or she has three years’ experience […]

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Successful Women In Finance: An Interview With Tina Correia, VP-Chief of Staff to the Office of the CEO at Lam Research

  I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Tina Correia, the Vice President-Chief of Staff to the Office of the CEO at Lam Research. Before accepting the role of Chief of Staff, Tina had over 14 years of experience in Finance at Lam Research. During this interview, Tina discusses the broad scope of her new role, the benefits of being open to change and nontraditional career moves, and the best way to start a career in finance. She also touches on the challenges of finding balance while being a successful working mom. Leslie Boudreaux: Congratulations on your new role as Chief of Staff! Can you explain what this […]

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How To Turn Your Candidate Hiring Process Into An Irresistible Experience

  In a tight hiring market like the Bay Area, companies are looking for an edge wherever they can find it. A dynamic interview process is a great way to establish that advantage. The standard interview process looks something like this: Screen candidates through phone interviews. Invite the most promising ones in for an interview with the hiring manager and direct boss. Then invite the cream of the crop back for a final round of meetings. That approach is straightforward, but it’s also uninspiring. Interviewing is an art form, especially if you’re the person asking the questions. Rather than follow the old interview playbook, BVOH encourages clients to really give […]

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How Can Hiring Managers Successfully Hire Talent in a Competitive Space?

  As of March 2017, the national unemployment rate stood at 4.5 percent. This is great news for the country, but there’s even better news for finance and accounting professionals in the Bay Area – an unemployment rate of less than 2.5 percent. That puts talented candidates at an advantage. Not only are they highly coveted by a range of companies, but their current employers also go to great lengths to retain them. We’ve worked with several candidates who turned down interviews with top companies because they had too many great interviews on their plate. Between work responsibilities, interview prep, and scheduling demands, the best recruits can’t accommodate all the […]

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How to Ace Your Finance & Accounting Job Interview

How to Ace Your Finance & Accounting Job Interview: A 5-Step Approach

  No matter how many interviews you’ve done or how many jobs you’ve held, you must always prepare before speaking with a potential employer. In my 15 years of recruiting, I’ve never seen a candidate land a position without preparing for an interview — it’s of the utmost importance. Preparing isn’t just about rehearsing responses to a specific set of questions. It’s about cultivating a strong sense of self and deep knowledge of the company. Use the following checklist to develop a thoughtful, strategic approach to interviewing. 1. Understand who you are. The interview process begins with self-reflection. Who are you? What are your skills? What are your weaknesses? What […]

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How to Name Finance & Accounting Positions to Attract the Right Talent

  What’s in a name? When it comes to accounting and finance titles, quite a lot. Young professionals seek jobs that offer a range of responsibilities and opportunities for growth, and they use titles to determine whether an opening offers those benefits. Use A Generalized Title That Indicates Variety A generalized title signals flexibility and variety, while listings such as “financial reporting analyst” or “technical accounting analyst” suggest rigid positions with little room for exploration. Most candidates don’t want to work in siloed positions with few chances of diversifying their skills. In fact, they shy away from openings that have these clear-cut titles. We recently worked with two startups that […]

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hiring candidates in a tight market

Why Don’t We Have More Candidates? 4 Tips for Hiring in A Tight Market

  As we shared last week, BVOH Finance & Accounting Search recently received the Inavero Best of Staffing Client and Talent Awards for 2017. While we are pleased to be recognized for our hard work, we are more interested in the feedback and recommendations for improvement that we receive. This year, you told us our quality of service, understanding of your cultures and needs, professionalism, and caliber of candidates are all spot on. You’d just like more candidates to choose from. We hear you, and we’d like to have more to offer. But the Bay Area is suffering from a shortage of accounting talent due to an imbalance in the […]

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What Our 2017 Best of Staffing Award Means for You

  We’ve got big news to share here at BVOH Finance & Accounting Search. We recently won the Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Awards! What Is The Inavero Best of Staffing® Award? The annual award is decided by staffing companies’ net promoter scores (NPS). A survey goes out to every placed candidate and hiring manager over the last year to assess client satisfaction, and the results determine each award applicant’s NPS. Inavero’s Best Of Staffing winners have proven to be industry leaders in service quality based on the ratings given to them by their clients and the permanent and temporary employees they’ve helped find jobs.   On average, […]

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Successful Women In Finance: A Conversation With Zendesk’s First Female CFO, Elena Gomez, “Be Resilient”

  I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Elena Gomez, the CFO of Zendesk and former Senior Vice President of Finance and Strategy at Salesforce. During her time at Salesforce, Elena helped build a world-class finance operation, and she now leads Zendesk’s global finance and accounting team. But we spoke about much more than her job description. In this interview, Elena discusses the importance of building meaningful relationships in businesses, the challenges women face in technology, and the best decisions she’s made in her career. She also tackles the realities of maintaining a work-life balance, and shares exactly what motivates her to make it happen. Leslie Boudreaux: Thank […]

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long distance accounting job search bay area

Want to Relocate to the Bay Area? 3 Tips for Long-Distance Accounting Job Searches

  The Bay Area is white-hot right now, especially for young finance and accounting professionals. Specifically, demand for candidates with public accounting experience has skyrocketed during the past five years, making San Francisco an attractive market for these young professionals. To put this in context, BVOH Finance & Accounting Search is a boutique firm with a select group of loyal clients. Yet we typically have 30-40 jobs available for CPAs from the public accounting firms ready to transition to industry at any given time. There aren’t enough people locally to fill these positions, so companies are looking outside of the Bay Area for talent. Accountants who have several years of […]

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