writing your resume tips

Writing Your Résumé? Here’s What to Cut and What to Keep

  You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that’s as true for résumés as it is for in-person meetings. When candidates submit their résumés to BVOH Finance & Accounting Search, we know within minutes whether we can help them. A well-organized, polished résumé distinguishes you from other candidates when reaching out […]

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How to Approach a Career Change

Stuck in the Wrong Job? How to Approach a Career Change

  I became an accountant because that’s what my parents encouraged me to do. They wanted me to develop marketable skills, and I had a natural aptitude for numbers. Accounting was the obvious career path. Within the span of six years, I worked in accounting for three different companies. I was good at what I […]

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Between Jobs? Here’s Why Consulting May Be A Smart Career Move

  When people are between jobs, they oftentimes are blind to anything that falls outside their dream position. They are so focused on finding their ideal opportunities that they may wind up with long stretches in between permanent positions. They could believe they’re better off focused on the hunt full time than working on a […]

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Holding Out For the Perfect Candidate? Consider Hiring A Temporary Consultant

  Hiring managers are skeptical by nature. They have to be. After all, they’re responsible for scrutinizing every candidate to ensure they’re selecting the best of the best. But sometimes that skepticism works against them when a permanent search takes too long. Many hiring managers are reluctant to bring on temporary consultants while they’re searching […]

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working with a recruiter

Help Me Help You: How to Get The Most Out Of A Recruiter

  A few years ago, I gave several talks about recruiting at the local Unemployment Development Office and at my church group. The Great Recession put a lot of local people out of their jobs, and I wanted to help them return to the workforce. Those sessions turned out to be as eye-opening for me […]

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How to Plan Ahead for Hiring a Public Accountant

  You always need good CPAs. Whether you’re working on annual reports or preparing to go public, a strong public accounting team is one of your most important assets. Cultivating that team requires careful planning and foresight, so you always want to think ahead. Even if you have a great accounting department right now, you […]

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job seekers learn from brene brown

3 Things Job Seekers Can Learn From Brené Brown

Brené Brown has influenced a lot of lives with her research. Her TED talk on vulnerability skyrocketed to popularity, garnering more than 25,700,000 views. But while most people take Brown’s lessons to heart in their personal lives, her message applies to the professional world as well. Brown’s work revolves around the idea that the people […]

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When Is It Ok to Quit Your Job Without Another Lined Up?

  American workers have become fickle. Whether it’s due to higher salary standards or a demand for greater work-life balance, people now quit their jobs at unprecedented rates. In 2013 alone, 2 million people per month voluntarily left their jobs. At BVOH, we’ve seen a steady rise in the number of candidates who want to […]

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