Julienne Heatley

Job description

Don’t Judge a Job Opportunity By Its Description

  Let’s say you’ve decided to get back into the job market. Maybe you’re no longer passionate about your current position, you’ve decided to move from public accounting to industry, or you’re ready to switch from accounting to finance. You start by looking over several job descriptions, but you don’t really fall in love with […]

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How to use case studies

How to Use Case Studies to Qualify and Hire Top Candidates

  When you’re evaluating candidates, there’s only so much you can glean from their résumés. Sure, past experience and education matter. But what you really need to know is whether they can do the job for which you’re hiring — and a case study can help tell you that. Case studies give candidates an opportunity […]

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negotiate a raise

How To Negotiate A Raise [An Evidence-Based Approach]

  Negotiating a raise can be a tricky, nerve-wracking process. Maybe you’re expecting your annual review, but you’re struggling to find the confidence to ask for an increase in your compensation. Or, you’ve started to reflect on your achievements from the past 12 months and evaluate where you are in your career. You’ve taken on […]

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