Michele Obyc

employee retention

3 Employee Retention Strategies That Work in Competitive Markets

  When companies see high employee turnover, most leaders immediately assume it’s cause for concern. But high attrition isn’t always a bad sign.  For example, as companies scale, they can outgrow the people they hired early on. The senior accountant who was great when you only had 50 employees may not fare as well when […]

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how to check references

How to Check References: The Best Questions to Ask When Screening Candidates

  When it comes to your recruiting process, nothing is more important than vetting and validating your candidates.  Just because someone seems like a perfect fit on paper, doesn’t mean they’re accurately representing their skills and experience. To hire great people, you need to know which questions to ask when checking references for your candidates.  […]

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How to Prepare for a Successful Video Job Interview

  When the time comes to interview for your next job, you may find yourself in virtual meetings with prospective employers instead of meeting them face to face. Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the Bay Area. As employers and candidates become more conscientious about the efficient use of their time, video interviews […]

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Fill Critical Finance Role Quickly

Need to Fill A Critical Finance Role in 2 Weeks? Here’s How to Do It

  Few things are more stressful than hiring emergencies. A trusted employee gives their two weeks notice and suddenly you’re scrambling to fill their seat. We get calls all the time from clients who need to replace outgoing employees immediately. While we empathize with the stress of this situation, it’s important to be realistic about […]

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qualities of candidates that get job offers

3 Qualities of Candidates That Walk Away With the Job Offer

  When it comes to job hunting in the Bay Area, personality is everything. OK, maybe not everything. But it is important. We’re in a candidate’s market, but the competition here is steep. Employers receive applications from the best of the best, so they can afford to be selective. Hiring managers today evaluate candidates for […]

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should you apply for jobs you arent qualifed for

Should You Apply for Jobs You’re Not 100% Qualified For?

  If there’s one feeling every job seeker knows, it’s the rush of hope when you discover that your dream employer is hiring for your dream job. Unfortunately, that burst of excitement is often followed by another all-too-common feeling — a sense of despair when you realize you’re not qualified for the position. But the […]

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