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Email etiquette tips

9 Email Etiquette Tips to Make a Positive First Impression

  Communication skills are everything when you’re looking for a job, especially in this day and age. So much of the recruiting and hiring process happens via email, and good etiquette can differentiate you from other competitive candidates. When email is your primary mode of communication, the other person can’t hear the inflection or enthusiasm […]

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6 Ways to Impress New Hires & Cultivate Employee Happiness

  Once you’ve hired a candidate, you might assume that first impressions have already been made. After all, you were impressed enough to make an offer and they were impressed enough to accept it. But the onboarding process is like meeting all over again. You both put your best foot forward during the interviews and negotiations. Now […]

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6 Essential Features of a High-Performing Career Page

6 Essential Features of A High­-Performing Career Page

  I’m always surprised when companies with a great work environment and a strong company culture have uninspiring and uninformative career pages.That’s often the first place jobseekers land when researching your organization. When was the last time you checked Google Analytics to see just how many people visit your careers page monthly? Business leaders know that the best […]

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How To Hire a Candidate in a Tight Market candidate tight market

How To Hire a Candidate in a Tight Market

  Top finance & accounting candidates are highly sought-­after and passive job seekers. These are MBAs and CPAs, and they’ve had strong career progression during the course of several years. When BVOH engages with candidates, we’re looking at the top 10 percent. Out of 15­20 relevant candidates, we typically select two to three with whom we’ll represent. These […]

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