working from home tips

5 Tips to Make Working from Home a Success

Working from home. I’ve never heard these 3 words uttered as often as I have over the last few days. As the global situation unfolds, many San Francisco Bay Area companies are moving towards remote options or even entire work from home operations. Right now, it’s a matter of public health and safety, but regardless, […]

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Job description

Don’t Judge a Job Opportunity By Its Description

  Let’s say you’ve decided to get back into the job market. Maybe you’re no longer passionate about your current position, you’ve decided to move from public accounting to industry, or you’re ready to switch from accounting to finance. You start by looking over several job descriptions, but you don’t really fall in love with […]

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Should I Quit My Current Job to Look for Another One?

  So, you’ve decided to quit your job. Maybe the company is struggling or you’ve realized you just aren’t passionate about the position, but no matter the reason, you know you will be leaving.  Now, the question is: should you stay at your current job until you find another, or do you leave before you […]

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