returning from maternity leave

5 Tips for Mothers Returning to Work From Maternity Leave

​ Returning to work from maternity leave is exciting and bittersweet, no matter how many times you do it. I know because I just returned from maternity leave for the third time. When you take maternity leave with your first child, you’re making things up as you go along. No matter how well you prepare, […]

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How to Prepare for a Successful Video Job Interview

  When the time comes to interview for your next job, you may find yourself in virtual meetings with prospective employers instead of meeting them face to face. Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the Bay Area. As employers and candidates become more conscientious about the efficient use of their time, video interviews […]

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Fill Critical Finance Role Quickly

Need to Fill A Critical Finance Role in 2 Weeks? Here’s How to Do It

  Few things are more stressful than hiring emergencies. A trusted employee gives their two weeks notice and suddenly you’re scrambling to fill their seat. We get calls all the time from clients who need to replace outgoing employees immediately. While we empathize with the stress of this situation, it’s important to be realistic about […]

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Does AI Mean the End of Accounting Careers?

  ​Artificial intelligence has finally leapt from the pages of science fiction novels into the real world. Every day, we learn of new uses for machine learning and natural language processing, and it seems we’re on the path to a techno-centric future. But there’s also a downside. To hear some experts tell it, human workers are […]

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Leaders, Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First

  I need to start this article with a disclaimer. Before I talk to you about taking care of yourself as a leader, I must confess that I’m not great at this myself. In fact, I’m terrible at it. And I don’t think I’m alone. Many executives have confided in me that they, too, struggle […]

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