Job description

Don’t Judge a Job Opportunity By Its Description

  Let’s say you’ve decided to get back into the job market. Maybe you’re no longer passionate about your current position, you’ve decided to move from public accounting to industry, or you’re ready to switch from accounting to finance. You start by looking over several job descriptions, but you don’t really fall in love with […]

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Should I Quit My Current Job to Look for Another One?

  So, you’ve decided to quit your job. Maybe the company is struggling or you’ve realized you just aren’t passionate about the position, but no matter the reason, you know you will be leaving.  Now, the question is: should you stay at your current job until you find another, or do you leave before you […]

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Why Candidates Should Continue to Look for Jobs During the Hiring Process

  As a candidate, there are many external factors that remain out of your control during the hiring process. You can lack transparency into how many other candidates are also interviewing for the same job, or how many people are coming through the prospective-employer’s pipeline or internal network.  With a lack of transparency around who […]

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Temporary consultant

Hiring a Temporary Consultant? These Two Mistakes Can Cost You Top Talent

  Unemployment for finance and accounting professionals in the Bay Area is currently under 2%, making the search for qualified candidates extremely competitive. Showing hesitation or having an inefficient hiring process that lingers on, can often lead to losing out on your first or even second choice candidate. At BVOH Search & Consulting, we do […]

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BVOH 2019 Bay Area Accounting & Finance Professionals Salary Guide Preview: The Sectors Hottest Jobs

  We recently published our 2019 Bay Area Accounting and Financial Professionals Salary Guide. Our comprehensive guide offers valuable insights to employers, as well as the talent they’re hoping to attract to their companies. Using the compensation data from our Bay Area placements in 2019, we’ve assembled salary ranges to reflect the market value accounting […]

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