6 Ways to Impress New Hires & Cultivate Employee Happiness

  Once you’ve hired a candidate, you might assume that first impressions have already been made. After all, you were impressed enough to make an offer and they were impressed enough to accept it. But the onboarding process is like meeting all over again. You both put your best foot forward during the interviews and negotiations. Now […]

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Interim Controller

Hey Founders! Here’s Why You Need an Interim Controller

  Most startup founders are great at hiring salespeople and engineers. These teams directly impact their early-stage growth, so they’re an easy hiring choice. However, those same founders often drag their feet when building out their accounting and finance departments because they assume they can always catch up on those later. But unfortunately, they find […]

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hiring unicorn candidate

Why Won’t My Unicorn Candidate Pay Attention to Me?

  Everyone’s in search of a unicorn in the Bay Area. Hiring managers want to recruit exceptional people, and at BVOH Finance & Accounting Search, we pride ourselves on helping them do that. But unicorns are rare for a reason, and hiring managers sometimes become impatient when the best and the brightest aren’t knocking down […]

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Essential Checklist

The Essential LinkedIn Profile Checklist for Hiring Managers

  When hiring managers want to attract great candidates, they craft compelling job listings, enlist recruiters to help them source talent, and tout their companies’ cultures and perks. What most of them don’t do is spruce up their LinkedIn profiles — and that oversight may cause them to lose talent. Candidates evaluate potential jobs using a number […]

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How Much Time Can You Take Off Without Derailing Your Career?

  When you’re deeply committed to your career, the decision to take time off or explore unconventional opportunities isn’t one you take lightly. You’ve worked hard to progress toward your professional goals, and the higher you rise, the more you have to lose if you make an ill-informed decision. Yet that’s the situation many people […]

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Is Finding A Career You’re Passionate About Overrated?

​ Some people are passionate about their work from day one. Perhaps they felt a calling to a particular field and never wavered from it. Others stumble into a job and happily discover that it’s a perfect fit for their personalities and talents. Then there are those like me. When I started working in accounting, […]

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Improve Work Life Balance

How to Invest in Yourself to Improve Work-Life Balance

  ​Every Friday, I work from home and make a point of doing something for myself. Without my morning commute, I have extra time in the day to take a morning yoga class, go for a run, or grab lunch with a friend. These activities may seem small, but they’re important investments in my well-being […]

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