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Why Candidates Should Continue to Look for Jobs During the Hiring Process

  As a candidate, there are many external factors that remain out of your control during the hiring process. You can lack transparency into how many other candidates are also interviewing for the same job, or how many people are coming through the prospective-employer’s pipeline or internal network.  With a lack of transparency around who […]

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Temporary consultant

Hiring a Temporary Consultant? These Two Mistakes Can Cost You Top Talent

  Unemployment for finance and accounting professionals in the Bay Area is currently under 2%, making the search for qualified candidates extremely competitive. Showing hesitation or having an inefficient hiring process that lingers on, can often lead to losing out on your first or even second choice candidate. At BVOH Search & Consulting, we do […]

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BVOH 2019 Bay Area Accounting & Finance Professionals Salary Guide Preview: The Sectors Hottest Jobs

  We recently published our 2019 Bay Area Accounting and Financial Professionals Salary Guide. Our comprehensive guide offers valuable insights to employers, as well as the talent they’re hoping to attract to their companies. Using the compensation data from our Bay Area placements in 2019, we’ve assembled salary ranges to reflect the market value accounting […]

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Gen Z in the Workplace

What Our Summer Intern Taught Me About Gen Z in the Workplace

  A few months ago, a close friend from college asked if her 17-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn, could intern with me for a week. She’s starting the application process for college and trying to decide which major she might be interested in.  Kaitlyn is a phenomenal artist (she designed the shirts for BVOH’s 15th anniversary!) with […]

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5 Things I’ve Learned Building BVOH Over the Last 15 Years

  We’ve just celebrated our 15th anniversary at BVOH Search & Consulting.  At the party, as we were looking at over a decade’s worth of pictures and reminiscing about the “old days”, one of my teammates asked us how we got here. This led me to reflect on our journey with the company and everything […]

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employee retention

3 Employee Retention Strategies That Work in Competitive Markets

  When companies see high employee turnover, most leaders immediately assume it’s cause for concern. But high attrition isn’t always a bad sign.  For example, as companies scale, they can outgrow the people they hired early on. The senior accountant who was great when you only had 50 employees may not fare as well when […]

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how to check references

How to Check References: The Best Questions to Ask When Screening Candidates

  When it comes to your recruiting process, nothing is more important than vetting and validating your candidates.  Just because someone seems like a perfect fit on paper, doesn’t mean they’re accurately representing their skills and experience. To hire great people, you need to know which questions to ask when checking references for your candidates.  […]

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