BVOH Empowers Austin-Based Fin-Tech Company

Though periods of rapid expansion are often exciting for growing companies, they also create a challenging situation: how do you build your departments, run your company, AND find the time to recruit the talent? 

Many companies wonder if hiring a consultant is worth the cost. At BVOH, we know that conducting a thorough recruiting process is a serious and time-consuming undertaking, even when you aren’t in the middle of building your company. Outsourcing your recruiting can ease the pressure of finding the right candidates while you focus on navigating your company’s growth. Using Abrigo as an example, we removed the recruiting from their growing list of to-dos and connected them with EIGHT candidates across two different markets at multiple levels, including strategic searches for senior-level hires. 

Their Challenge

Since launching in 2019, Abrigo has quickly become the premier technology platform partner of choice for America’s financial institutions. The Austin-based company provides market-leading software solutions to leverage data and provide insights to their customers. By enabling them to comply with ever-changing regulatory compliance requirements, they can process loans faster and more efficiently to drive growth and profitability. 

Abrigo approached BVOH at a critical stage of expansion due to a significant amount of funding and approval to become a public company. The finance and accounting team needed to scale quickly to enable them to become Initial Public Offering (IPO)-ready. During this period of high growth, they established their finance and accounting leadership, who also needed to plan and build their departments. In addition, several roles were entirely new for the company without a direct leader in place. 

Unfortunately, as you can imagine, they had little time to devote to recruiting. The truth is, employers no longer have the luxury of time to compare candidates, and they might have to hire more quickly than feels comfortable. With quick expansion and prepping to go public on the horizon, it was vital for them not just to hire a recruiting agency but a true hiring partner and advocate to help make efficient and savvy hiring decisions.

The Solution

To achieve their mission effectively, on time, and ensure a positive candidate experience, Abrigo needed support from trusted recruiting experts with deep knowledge of the market and an impressive network of top candidates. That’s when BVOH stepped in.

Our approach to recruiting not only sets us apart but ensures the candidates we find fit into the company dynamics, reducing turnover and unsuitable candidates. We not only fill positions, we build relationships. We believe in doing what is right for the candidate and client first—showing up as a true partner and advocate over just making a placement.

Using our hallmark approach to recruiting, we built meaningful relationships with Abrigo’s finance leadership team. Our goal was to understand their vision for the department, the most critical objectives, and the cultural fit needed to integrate seamlessly and drive the company’s growth and innovation forward. 

To ease the complications of hiring so quickly, Abrigo allowed for 100% remote options. Still, there were a few states from which they were not interested in viewing candidates due to salary ranges in those states. As a result of not hiring within their accounting and finance teams for a long time, the market had shifted to increase salary demands quite a bit. Abrigo and their parent company had to consider internal equity issues to account for changes in salary requirements. 

As such, we needed to recruit from markets with a lower cost of living to avoid the major markets with a large talent pool for these roles. 

What BVOH Provided

BVOH’s strong track record of hiring exceptional accounting and finance professionals in San Francisco and Austin’s thriving technology communities enabled us to quickly deliver high-quality candidates –– in two different markets, across multiple levels, including strategic searches for senior-level hires.

Abrigo was open to 100% remote positions, enabling us to expand our search nationwide. We canvassed the Austin market and provided remote options, thus opening a new pool of top-notch talent. The candidates in Austin were receptive and excited to engage with our recruiters and learn about employment opportunities with Abrigo. This was an exciting opportunity to be part of their explosive growth and the Austin candidate market was very receptive. 

BVOH helped Abrigo save time and meet their goals with fast hiring. We supplemented their recruiting efforts with a streamlined process that reduced the time it took to fill their open positions. We used our specialized expertise in finding highly skilled finance and accounting candidates at multiple levels in the technology space to deliver ideal candidates for each role. Our high-quality service enabled Abrigo to source better talent and drive impressive results, which positioned them to successfully transition into a public company without empty positions left to fill.

The Results

BVOH helped Abrigo navigate the tight talent market, overcome internal roadblocks, and get the right people on board… at record speed!

The Numbers

  • We made 8 placements in 3 months
  • We delivered qualified candidates within 48 hours of receiving each new search assignment

Positions We Filled

  • VP of Tax
  • Senior Revenue Accountant x2
  • Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Senior Analyst
  • Revenue Operations Analyst
  • Director of Internal Audit

BVOH’s partnership with Abrigo continues to thrive today. We’re grateful for the opportunity to help drive their mission and innovation forward by providing top finance and accounting talent.

We want the same outcomes for you.

Our success has been founded on repeat clients, referrals, and reputation versus marketing campaigns, high volume transactions, and one-time deal-making. As such, we have access to candidates and job opportunities no other staffing firm does because people want to work with us exclusively. We also know about candidates and job opportunities before anyone else because we are referred to people who are passive and/or highly selective in their search efforts. 

The recruiting playbook you’ve used to win in the past may no longer achieve success today. If you can adapt with the changing market, you can find the talent you need. At BVOH, we utilize our extensive network to find the right financial consultant for your company.

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