What the Transition From BVOH to Vaco Means for You

In October of 2022, we announced that Vaco, a global talent solutions firm, had acquired BVOH Search and Consulting. You may be wondering what will change as we move forward with the final stages of the acquisition.

What does this transition mean for our clients, candidates, and consultants? Allow us to outline all the changes and benefits ahead of us!

The Story Behind BVOH’s Acquisition

From 2019 to 2022, BVOH underwent a lot of changes. Business became much more complex as the pandemic suddenly necessitated more remote work.

While the transition came with unique business challenges, we didn’t slow down. In fact, BVOH saw almost 300% growth during this period. In particular, our consulting practice grew exponentially, and we went almost overnight from operating not just in the San Francisco Bay Area but also providing services from over 27 different states across the U.S.

This growth created operational complexities and challenges that we struggled to keep up with while upholding our strong commitment to high-quality service. We were faced with “what got you here won’t get you there” and needed to evaluate a partner to sustain our success and continue providing a best-in-class experience for our clients and candidates. 

This wasn’t a decision BVOH took lightly. We paid special attention to finding a partner who matched our values in how we serve candidates and clients and who supported the special culture we’ve worked so hard to provide for our internal team.

Vaco: Who, What, and Why

Vaco is a global talent solutions firm specializing in staffing, consulting, and strategic solutions. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Vaco operates in 45 markets in the US and works with businesses across a wide range of industries, solving problems and providing solutions for companies worldwide.

Vaco began to pursue a partnership with BVOH in January 2020. After over two and a half years of building a relationship and ensuring the best fit, we decided to move forward with an acquisition because Vaco:

  • Offers us the infrastructure we need to deliver our services on a nationwide platform
  • Extends our ability to serve clients with different offerings outside of BVOH’s core
  • Balances corporate strategic excellence with entrepreneurial vision
  • Aligns with our company culture and values  
  • Allows us to maintain our autonomy and continue to deliver the same great experience to our clients, candidates, and consultants

In return, we’re helping Vaco grow as well. Before this acquisition, Vaco didn’t provide finance and accounting recruiting services in the San Francisco and Austin areas. Now, they’ll be able to expand their offerings in these markets and offer a more comprehensive platform as Vaco in California and Texas. 
Infographic: What the Transition From BVOH to Vaco Means for You

What Will Change at BVOH?

This acquisition has been a gradual transition taking place over the past year. As a result, your experience will change very little when the acquisition is finally complete. 

Our partnership with Vaco hasn’t affected our pricing, culture, or team members. There’s been no acquisition-related turnover, and our leadership will maintain autonomy. Your direct account manager or recruiter stays the same as well. 

Thanks to Vaco’s broad, supportive infrastructure, we were able to begin offering services outside our traditional core offerings late last year. Already, candidates and consultants have enjoyed access to more opportunities and clients have had access to more services. For instance, with the backing of a global solutions group, we now offer borderless recruiting as well as unique resources like managed services solutions from our new sister company MorganFranklin Consulting.

With so much of the integration behind us, the upcoming change is really only our name. As of October 1, 2023, BVOH will become Vaco San Francisco and Vaco Austin. However, though our branding will change, the experience and quality you’ve come to expect from BVOH will not.

Join Us in Celebrating This Exciting Opportunity 

We’re thrilled to say, with confidence, that Vaco is the right fit for BVOH. This partnership has secured a new period of growth and expansion for our team. We’re excited about how this new phase of business will improve our service offerings and operations — and your experience with us.

If you’d like to explore or take advantage of our expanded services, connect with us today.

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