How to Create a Job Offer That Will Land Your Candidate

Creating a good job offer is like putting together the perfect puzzle. It needs to be in the right order, with all pieces fitting snugly together. If an offer isn’t up to par, you’ll find that your candidate will start to put it together, see the pieces don’t fit, and walk away.

In this blog, we’ll share tips on how your organization can create a job offer that stands out above the pack (which is especially important in today’s candidate-driven market), speaks to applicants, and, most importantly, earns the attention of the professionals you’re looking to hire.

Here are four tips for creating a compelling job offer: 

1. Urgency Is Key

First thing’s first: don’t wait too long to make an offer during the hiring process.

While it’s logical to take your time, dragging your feet with candidates or waiting for that perfect “unicorn”—especially during a time when candidates are scarce—can turn off the best candidates before they’ve even had a chance to consider your offer. 

It is reasonable to assume that several interviews will be necessary to gauge whether or not a candidate is the right fit. However, in this market, candidates are moving quickly—“Here today, gone tomorrow,” has never been more accurate. With this in mind, make sure you’ve streamlined your evaluation process to ensure you don’t have unnecessary rounds or steps that you could do without. 

We cannot emphasize this enough, do not hesitate. We are not suggesting to cut critical corners, just be mindful of the end to end timeline, as well as the total number of interviews, and be creative to shorten the process while still conducting a thorough assessment. Speed will win the talent war. 

2. Show Your Enthusiasm!

When you’re creating a job offer, it’s crucial to show how much you really want to work with your candidate. You want them to feel excited and eager to join your team—because you are! 

No matter how you decide to, putting in the intentional effort to show your appreciation and excitement towards a new applicant can speak volumes. People are excited about their next job opportunity, and seeing that energy reflected in a potential employer only amplifies that excitement.

By emphasizing your eagerness at the prospect of hiring a candidate, you show them that you view them as more than a resource—you view them as a person.

3. Make the Offer Competitive

If you don’t know the industry standards and benchmarks, it’s time to get to work. Knowing these standards makes it possible for you to create a job offer that earns serious consideration.

When making an offer, it’s vital to understand the current market rate for that position—and the market rate can change month by month. Make sure you aren’t ruling yourself out of consideration by making an offer that is outdated. 

Additionally, a truly competitive offer eclipses just salary considerations. Understand your candidate’s priorities. Flexibility and work-from-home options can be even more compelling than compensation today. The key is to research the market standards, have thoughtful dialogue with your candidate(s) and ensure your offers meet their needs and are as competitive as possible. A little extra diligence here can go a long way to positioning yourself as the employer of choice with your candidate who has several suitors. 

4. Benefits, Benefits, Benefits!

Often, this is where many candidates can be swayed in their decision.

While some benefits, like healthcare, may be set in stone for your organization, there is some wiggle room to differentiate yourself in other areas. Perks like flexible works schedules, generous PTO offerings, gym stipends, and tuition reimbursement can catch the eye of today’s jobseekers. Whatever perks your company is able to offer, ensure your candidate experience highlights them.  

Just like with your compensation offer, it’s important to have a precise understanding of the industry standards and benchmark your benefits with those competitors. There are many benefits to offer candidates, and the best ones will vary depending on your industry and position. Make sure that you take the time to research what your potential hires will value the most.

Hire the Best Talent in Finance and Accounting

Creating a job offer that stands out is critical. But to get there, you need to make sure you’re creating an opportunity that will attract the best, most qualified candidates.

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