We've had great success with Amy Kaufman at the Fremont Group. She has placed multiple candidates and continues to supply us with a strong pipeline of qualified candidates for our open positions. She's responsive, transparent and gets our culture and needs. The candidate write-ups are thorough and save me a lot of time/asking questions back and forth. Lastly, she's just fun to work with and I plan to give her as many open searches as she can handle!


VP Human Resources, Fremont Group

Melanie Henkel Client Reviews

My experience has been exceptional working with BVOH. Our account manager has gone above and beyond, and always makes sure that we are supported and our expectations and staffing needs are met. The candidates presented were all quality and experienced folks. The candidate we chose for the role has been an excellent fit with both culture and knowledge base.

Melanie Henkel

Financial Reporting & Accounting Manager, BetterUp

Michelle Maynard Client Reviews

I have had nothing but great experience with BVOH. Kristen Corridan has been my primary contact and has done a great job, trying to understand what I need in a person to fill a role and then finding candidates. She is a great communicator and very professional.

Michelle Maynard

VP Corporate Controller, Eiger BioPharmaceuticals

Tara McDill Client Reviews

We have been very pleased with our relationship with Michele Obyc - she's hired most of our fund accounting team! - she knows us well, and delivers every time!!

Tara McDill

Director of Human Resources, Stockbridge

Jeroen Grasman Client Reviews

Really appreciated the follow through - keeping a finger on the pulse with the candidate before (interest generation), during (interview process, immediate feedback), and after (are they happy in their role, areas of focus for the manager to ensure we get maximum benefit from the new hire) is all critical. Kristen did a great job on this front, flagging emerging issues after the candidate started in the company.

Jeroen Grasman

VP of Finance & Operations, PACT Pharma

Tehs Ferrerr Client Reviews

I started working with BVOH in 2014. Throughout those years, I developed a strong professional and personal relationship with Alea Harper. She maintained her contact with me even during months/years I worked with other consulting firms and because of this, she learned more about my skills, experience and personality. Because of this, she is able to match me with the right assignment, role and company.

Tehs Ferrerr

Interim Controller

Marilyn Morales-Ruvalcaba Client Reviews

BVOH provided excellent professional help to me when I was looking for a job. Amy Hann worked directly with me to match my experience and skills to the companies in need of employees and sent me to interviews well prepared for them. I really value the help and advice she provided when I needed it.

Marilyn Morales-Ruvalcaba

Accountant, Volcano Capital

Hallie Michaels Client Reviews

The BVOH team was phenomenal in helping place me at my current job. They were always there for me if I had questions or concerns through the interview process, would give me great advice, and continued to check in on how I was acclimating at my new job in the months following my start date. The whole team truly cares about their candidates and wants to see everyone successful and happy which was very apparent throughout the whole process. Thank you BVOH!

Hallie Michaels

Senior Technical Accountant, Curology


I would highly recommend BVOH, whether you are a candidate looking for a new position or a client looking to hire new talent. They helped me in both scenarios and I am thoroughly impressed with their passion and commitment toward finding the right fit for both sides of the relationship. They are extremely good listeners and therefore quickly establish a level of trust I have not found in many recruiters. In addition, they maintain constant communication throughout the process, so I always know where things stand. It is worth noting that they are incredibly balanced in their communications – presenting both the good and the bad – even when they know it might not necessarily be what I want to hear. I find this level of honesty incredibly refreshing in my relationship with a recruiter. Whether I am looking for the next step in my career or looking to fill a role on my team, I know I can count on them to bring me roles/candidates that are well aligned with my needs.


CFO, Retailnext

Angelina Hendraka Client Reviews

My relationship with BVOH dates back to 2009. Unlike other executive recruitment firms, BVOH took into consideration not just my experience but also my career aspirations and goals. As a result, they were extremely thoughtful in sharing opportunities that were not only a good match for my experience but also got me closer to my goal of pivoting out of financial services and into the technology industry. Their thorough approach to the recruiting process allowed them to understand my personality and work style to ensure a great all-around fit with my new company’s culture.

Angelina Hendraka

Chief Accounting Officer

Atabak Mokari Client Reviews

This was my first time working with the BVOH team. They came highly recommended and did not disappoint. We had a difficult search with numerous parameters that I knew would be tough to fill. They listened and helped us reprioritize our criteria, which ultimately resulted in finding the very best candidate for the job. BVOH’s expertise in the space and counsel during the search was spot on. Our new controller is off to a great start and we could not be more pleased with our partnership with BVOH. I look forward to working with them again!

Atabak Mokari

CFO, Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Laura Francis Client Reviews

I have worked with BVOH both as an executive and board member of public companies.  BVOH brought multiple candidates with strong technical skills and collaborative personalities quickly to the table, filling critical roles where other firms had failed.  Most importantly, the employees sourced from BVOH have been stellar performers.

Laura Francis

CFO & COO, Si-Bone Inc.

BRYAN MORRIS Client Reviews

I can't say enough about what an outstanding partner we have in BVOH. As Xamarin scaled out our accounting team, they were undoubtedly the most reliable partner for talent. They were able to look beyond resumes and serve up A-players that would be a "fit" as well. They saved my team and I valuable time in assembling an outstanding staff. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again!



Chris Zwiebel Client Reviews

Working with BVOH is like getting white glove service for recruiting. Recently, we found ourselves in a challenging position and in need of a Controller. BVOH invested the time early on to make sure we had a seamless experience. They quickly provided a consultant to fill the immediate gap, while pulling together an A+ list of candidates for the permanent role. I can happily say that we are in a great position today thanks to BVOH.

Chris Zwiebel

Director FP&A/Interim CFO

Ismail Orujov Client Reviews

The BVOH team was fantastic to work with. They ran a very efficient and streamlined process and we were able to identify and close our perfect candidate within eight weeks. Going into the search I had a somewhat general picture of the type and level of experience we were looking for in the candidate. They presented a spectrum of the types of candidates we could hire and really helped me narrow it down to what would work best for us. Most importantly they really got our company culture and identified the candidate that would be the best fit. Look forward to working with them again as we continue building out the team.

Ismail Orujov

VP Finance, Quizlet

John Maus Client Reviews

Great experience overall. BVOH took the time to understand the role(s) we were looking to fill and the profile we were looking for. They found us a number of great candidates that fit those requirements, set the right expectations with us, and ran an efficient process that led to multiple hires on our team.

John Maus

Sr. Director, Strategic Finance

Karina Thich Client Reviews

I’ve been working on and off for BVOH since 2015 and have had the best experience. Every member of the BVOH team has treated me with the most respect and compassion. The positions presented to me have always been described accurately. And I’ve made lifetime friendships within the companies BVOH placed me. I want to specifically thank my recruiter for finding me the perfect assignments with great companies.

Karina Thich

Revenue Consultant

Katelyn Kimmons Client Reviews

I worked with the consulting team at BVOH to fill a number of temporary positions. They always listened carefully to make sure to understand exactly what was needed, and they were able to think outside the box to find the right fit for our roles. I highly recommend BVOH’s consulting team!

Katelyn Kimmons


Kelly Quinn Client Reviews

I worked with BVOH when finding my current job, and I could not have felt more supported by the team. BVOH has a great understanding of what their clients (the companies AND the candidates) are looking for. They took the time to get to know me and my career goals. They truly wanted to make a great fit between a company and a candidate - not simply complete a transaction. I will absolutely work with BVOH when the time comes to find my next opportunity.

Kelly Quinn

Associate Director of Finance

Khristine Atienza Client Reviews

Working with BVOH has been a wonderful experience! They really listened to my needs and never pushed me to interview for a role that I didn’t want or feel right about. Unlike some of the recruiters I’ve worked with in the past, I’ve always felt they had my best interests in mind. They are professional, respectful and kind. I will go to BVOH first when I look for the next opportunity.

Khristine Atienza

Sr. Manager of Accounting

Lori Houtekier Client Reviews

Working with BVOH was a great experience. I'm really grateful for the strong professional relationship and ongoing communication with my liaison and the rest of the BVOH staff!!

Lori Houtekier

Finance Manager

Madhvi Puri Client Reviews

BVOH are the best recruiters you will find. They have been a long term partner and always find the perfect candidates for my team. They truly make an effort to understand the scope of the roles as well as the ideal culture fit. On a personal front, BVOH has also placed me in positions they knew would allow me to succeed. They’ve been transparent and candid while coaching me through the interview process and overall been great advocates.

Madhvi Puri


Mark Khavkin Client Reviews

I was looking for one of the most highly sought-after skills in SaaS finance: Controller with IPO experience in a SaaS company. Critically, I was looking for someone not shy to roll up their sleeves, be a mentor to our distributed accounting team, and be the foremost expert on revenue recognition, process automation, and regulatory processes. BVOH took the time to understand the existing team’s strengths and weaknesses as well as Pantheon’s culture to educate me on strategies we could employ to deliver the optimal result. Together, we decided to focus our search on the talent pool outside of the Bay Area: BVOH’s willingness and ability to recruit nationally was ultimately the decisive, critical success factor in my selection as well as the resulting hiring success.

Mark Khavkin

CFO, Pantheon

Mark May Client Reviews

The partnership I've received from BVOH is unparalleled to any other agency. BVOH excels at finding the right candidates based on my requirements and company culture. I always appreciate their attention to detail, responsiveness to emails, and overall effective communication.

Mark May

Associate Director of Accounting

Markus Lipp Client Reviews

We had been acquired and needed to set up our accounting and finance department completely from scratch. BVOH helped us find the right people on demand and did a great job in selecting and supporting exactly what we needed. BVOH filled 3 key finance positions successfully with varying levels of scope and responsibility. BVOH is flexible, hands on, and focused on our needs. They really made an impact on our hiring process.

Markus Lipp


Martyn Webster Client Reviews

The BVOH team worked with me during my time as CAO at ITMN. They were a collaborative partner who assisted me recruiting almost half of my team as we built-out the finance group to match the growing business. Particularly impressive was the way they dug deep into each role to ensure that they facilitated a strong skill and personality fit for the role and with the existing team and also to ensure each candidate would have appropriate growth opportunities. Their approach was immersive and they spend considerable time understanding how each role would interact with other key positions before recommending candidates and were very proactive in mapping skills and then following-up with successful hires to determine how future hires might fit into the team. Very pleasant to work with, highly responsive and overall a very strong recommend.

Martyn Webster


Matt Marcoccia Client Reviews

BVOH was able to help me get a job that seemed like a long shot from the beginning. If it weren't for BVOH's relationship with Okta and their willingness to recommend me for my new position, I don't think I would've been able to even get an interview. I really appreciate everything BVOH did for me.

Matt Marcoccia

Corporate FP&A Manager

NAHYION KIM Client Reviews

As iRhythm experienced tremendous growth, we had to scale our processes, technology, and most importantly our people. As Chief Accounting Officer, doubling our finance team within a year was an exciting challenge. The BVOH team was instrumental in helping me find key leaders to join my team. Their vast network in the Bay Area, keen understanding of our needs and company culture helped to identify great people including our Senior Director, Internal Audit and Assistant Controller as well as many contractors. BVOH’s service excellence comes from taking the time to deeply understand our business, culture, needs, and presenting only those who are great fit for us. They do an amazing job of matching work ethics, skill sets, and personality. Our trusted professional relationship dates back years and I look forward to our continued partnership in the years to come.



Ralph Lohr Client Reviews

BVOH has always been very encouraging to me and has supported me throughout each engagement. I feel like a valued individual and know they will go the extra mile for me.

Ralph Lohr

Interim Accounting Manager

Rex Cheung Client Reviews

I have been contracting with many other so called “top notch” placement agencies for many years but found BVOH officials much more friendly yet professional also transparent yet straight to the point. They also offer better rates & network to provide a win win situation for both their candidates and hiring managers.

Rex Cheung

Accounting Consultant

Tara Syed Client Reviews

When we needed to quickly fill a Director of Finance role, we went straight to BVOH, and they delivered. After previously partnering with them, we knew they would provide top candidates quickly, provide regular feedback and status updates and have a deep understanding of what would be a strong match for us, both skill wise and culturally. In the end, we had several qualified candidates to choose from, within our comp range, and were able to close the role within 2.5 months during the hardest recruiting season. They build a trusting relationship by providing a transparent view of all candidates, with no pressure. BVOH is our go-to for all financial roles, and we will continue to utilize them as we scale.

Tara Syed

VP of Revenue & Operations

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