I would highly recommend BVOH to any organization looking to build its strategic Finance capabilities. I have worked with them for five years; the outcomes of our engagement have been quite positive. The Firm has a network of strategic FP&A professionals that is unparalleled — a testament to the rigor underlying their talent acquisition process. I also appreciate BVOH’s high-touch approach, which yields a clear understanding of my organizational needs. Hand down, BVOH is my primary go-to team for Finance talent.

Jay Sarwar

VP of Operations

I can’t say enough about what an outstanding partner we have in BVOH.  As Xamarin scaled out our accounting team, they were undoubtedly the most reliable partner for talent. They were able to look beyond resumes and serve up A-players that would be a “fit” as well. They saved my team and I valuable time in assembling an outstanding staff.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again!

Bryan Morris


BVOH sets the gold standard for their field. I’ve known and worked with them over the course of several years and they have continually set the bar in terms of professionalism, finding GREAT opportunities, and overall empathy/genuine compassion for the person they are working with. BVOH has a penchant for really understanding the needs of their clients from both sides (employer-recruit) and is an absolute industry expert in the Bay Area. Been a blessing and an honor to work with them for so many years and highly recommend Finance professionals looking for opportunities in the Bay Area to reach out to them!

Ben Chu


BVOH are fantastic recruiters and great resources for career advice. They always put their clients first, follow up just the right amount, and genuinely care about the people they work with regardless of their eventual career choices. I worked with BVOH for my last job search and am very grateful I did! At no point did I ever feel that BVOH was recommending a position to me that wasn’t a right fit – BVOH researched and networked to find a position that was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, BVOH.

Tom Pashut

Technical Accountant

BVOH is purely the best at their jobs. I had a hard time searching for my next landing spot in my professional career, but with the help of BVOH, I was able to find the perfect job. They provided me with the motivation and courage to interview for a position that I didn’t believe I would be able to obtain. After a couple of interviews I received an offer for my dream job. Now I am starting the journey on my new career path all thanks to BVOH’s help.

Alan Liao

Senior Financial Analyst

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

I was referred to BVOH by a friend who worked with the firm to help him build out his team at a high growth startup company. We were looking to hire a high caliber Controller in anticipation of the launch of our product and in preparation for significant growth.  We were looking for the best of the best, and given the competitive market for Controllers, I knew that the search was going to be a difficult one. BVOH took the time to sit down with me to really understand the company and what we were looking for. I was impressed with how dialed in they were with the market that I was targeting for the search. They introduced me to several strong candidates and I ultimately hired someone who had the exact background that I was looking for. BVOH had eero’s best interest in mind and they were a pleasure to work with.

Olivier Adler
Head of Business and Finance Operations

I would highly recommend BVOH, whether you are a candidate looking for a new position or a client looking to hire new talent. They helped me in both scenarios and I am thoroughly impressed with their passion and commitment toward finding the right fit for both sides of the relationship. They are extremely good listeners and therefore quickly establish a level of trust I have not found in many recruiters. In addition, they maintain constant communication throughout the process, so I always know where things stand. It is worth noting that they are incredibly balanced in their communications – presenting both the good and the bad – even when they know it might not necessarily be what I want to hear. I find this level of honesty incredibly refreshing in my relationship with a recruiter. Whether I am looking for the next step in my career or looking to fill a role on my team, I know I can count on them to bring me roles/candidates that are well aligned with my needs.

Amanda Champion

Assistant Controller

The BVOH team worked with me during my time as CAO at ITMN. They were a collaborative partner who assisted me recruiting almost half of my team as we built-out the finance group to match the growing business. Particularly impressive was the way they dug deep into each role to ensure that they facilitated a strong skill and personality fit for the role and with the existing team and also to ensure each candidate would have appropriate growth opportunities. Their approach was immersive and they spend considerable time understanding how each role would interact with other key positions before recommending candidates and were very proactive in mapping skills and then following-up with successful hires to determine how future hires might fit into the team. Very pleasant to work with, highly responsive and overall a very strong recommend.

Martyn Webster


I really enjoy working with BVOH. Their recruiters are very personable, honest and fair. Working with them feels like a partnership.

Patti Smith


BVOH has been helping me fill our full time roles for 2 years and are an absolute pleasure to work with. My team has filled more positions through BVOH than any other recruiter. They are professional, really listen to the profile we’re looking for, and deliver candidates that are polished and meet the requirements. They never put pressure on us to fill roles with candidates we’re not interested in and are very patient with our constantly changing needs. I would recommend BVOH to any of my friends and colleagues!

Tanya Bharoocha

Senior Revenue Manager

BVOH really took the time to get to know me, my firm and our culture so they could find the best possible fit for the long-term vs. just throwing a bunch of people at us, as I have had happen with other recruiting firms.  They took care and attention with this effort.  The hiring process can be tumultuous and sometimes emotional.  They understand this and are always available for discussion. One particular search they helped us with was truly national. The candidate moved from across the country for us and we could not be more thrilled. He was absolutely the ideal fit both culturally and from a skills perspective. I would recommend BVOH to anyone and everybody looking for recruiting and hiring help.

Emily Brakebill

Managing Director

BVOH provides high quality candidates and did a good job of listening to my requirements and finding a candidate who fit the description. They also helped define the responsibilities of the job and helped market the job to be more appealing to candidates.

Spencer Ewing

Corporate Controller