What Our 2017 Best of Staffing Award Means for You

We’ve got big news to share here at BVOH Finance & Accounting Search. We recently won the Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Awards!

What Is The Inavero Best of Staffing® Award?

The annual award is decided by staffing companies’ net promoter scores (NPS). A survey goes out to every placed candidate and hiring manager over the last year to assess client satisfaction, and the results determine each award applicant’s NPS. Inavero’s Best Of Staffing winners have proven to be industry leaders in service quality based on the ratings given to them by their clients and the permanent and temporary employees they’ve helped find jobs.   On average, clients of winning agencies are 2.5 times more likely to be completely satisfied and talent of winning agencies are 3.6 times more likely to be completely satisfied with the services provided, compared to those working with non-winning agencies. Winning is a big deal for us because it validates that we’re living up to one of our core values, which is to “put the best interests of our candidates and clients first, each and every time.” We didn’t submit ourselves to the competition to garner accolades. We did it for the feedback. Win or lose, we knew the results would give us insight into what we were doing right and how we could improve.

Our History With The Best Of Staffing® Awards

BVOH first participated in the survey in 2015. We were growing quickly, and we wanted to know how we were doing across both of our service lines. What better way to find out than to ask our clients and candidates, and in doing so, put ourselves up for judgement against our peers? We won the best staffing award on the talent side that year – in fact, our numbers were off the charts – but we just missed in the client category. Winning the talent award was nice, but the real value was learning what we needed to work on and what our candidates valued most from us. The first step we took after the 2015 competition was a deep exploration of our core values and brand promises, including:
  • Coaching team members on best practices for proactively serving clients and candidates
  • Anticipating client concerns and providing solutions
  • Addressing issues head on with honesty and authenticity
  • Continuing to hire people with strong character and values who identify with our brand promise
  • Building a transparent culture
We refocused our efforts around these priorities, incorporating them throughout our training strategies and even the articles we published. When we reviewed the results of the 2016 survey, our NPS score on the client side increased by 17 points — and we earned the designation Best of Staffing for the client category in addition to the talent category for 2016.

What Our Best Of Staffing® Award Means for You

Here’s why these awards are significant. We can’t guarantee we’ll find you your dream job or your ideal candidate, particularly in this job market. We have the right relationships to facilitate those connections, but so much of job search success depends on timing. And time is the one element outside our control. But we can control how you’re treated when you work with us. We always tell our candidates, “We can’t promise to find you the right job at the right time. What we can promise is that we will add value for you, both now and throughout your career.” This is why we do what we do — because we want to help people. We hope the sheer fact that we participate in this survey each year proves we care about our clients and candidates. Even if our survey participation doesn’t resonate, that’s OK. What matters to us is gathering as much feedback as possible so we can act on those insights and continue to improve. The staffing industry often gets typecast as being “sales-ey,” and recruiters earn bad raps for “throwing bodies against a wall” in their attempts to place people. That’s not what we’re about. Do we love to hear that we’ve found someone the perfect job or that a candidate ended up being a rockstar who has done wonders for a client’s company? Of course. Fortunately for us, we hear this feedback all the time. But the feedback we value most is that our team helped people consistently even under less than perfect circumstances.
I have a long and consistent track record of working with BVOH. They are straightforward and honest about setting timeline expectations depending on the challenges of the position. They consistently perform at a high level. I always appreciate working with them. – Chris Prentiss, CAO of Adamas Pharmaceuticals

How We Handle the Positive and Negative Feedback

When we receive negative comments in the survey, a member of our leadership team contacts the candidate or client to make sure we understand the circumstance and that they feel heard. Then we work with our team 1:1 to determine how we can prevent the situation in the future. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen often, but if it does, we want to know about it. If we are not pleasing our candidates and clients (and pleasing doesn’t mean always telling them what they want to hear; it means telling them what they need to hear, in a professional and consultative way), our value proposition goes down. We are not doing our jobs if our clients and candidates are not having the best possible experience working with us. When clients report that they’re happy with us, whether it’s the first time we’ve worked together or we have years of continued partnership, we know we’ve done something right. We train our associates on relationship-building best practices, and we’re always seeking opportunities to do more. Even after more than a decade of steady referrals based on our quality service, we still want to know how we can be better. The staffing and recruiting industry is evolving with the changing workforce. As these shifts create both opportunity and uncertainty, we believe that our clients and candidates must have a voice and that we must listen. Receiving the Inavero Best Of Staffing Award tells us we’re in the wonderful position of being in the upper echelon of service providers in our field. But that’s not enough. Next year, we’ll strive toward an even higher score and an even higher response rate. The higher those numbers rise, the more we’re embodying our core values and delivering world-class client experiences. We wake up excited everyday to serve our clients and candidates, and we strive to inspire trust and satisfaction in everyone who works with us.

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